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WTS Paradigm

Touch Quote

Mobile Selling. Simplified.

Bring WTS Paradigm technology to the Apple iPad® with TouchQuote. TouchQuote is a mobile selling solution for construction and remodeling sales consultants to use in-home, on job sites, or wherever building products are sold. The tool will assist with the quoting and ordering process to make the in-home visit quicker and easier than ever before.

What can it do?

TouchQuote enables you and your sales force to quickly and seamlessly present the product line, gather information about the job, configure and price units, and close the sale using an iPad.

Features & Benefits:

  • Comparison quoting gives you easy upsell capabilities.
  • Quicker data gathering provides a more streamlined, in-home sales process.
  • Sales managers can ensure all consultants are using the best process on the market.
  • Sales consultants can focus on the customer and on the sale and not be distracted by calculating pricing and options.
  • Based on the order data, a price is created using logic customized for your company and the product line.
  • Configuration and pricing data is customized for you and your products.
  • Sales consultants can generate and collect payment information immediately.
  • An invoice can be printed out or emailed to the homeowner on the spot.

Who should purchase the technology?

Anyone who sells direct in-home or on-site will see value from this innovative product:

  • Retailers
  • Dealers
  • Contractors
  • Lumberyards
  • Manufacturers

Feel free to contact us today:

Phone: 608.664.9292

Fax: 608.664.9295

Email: contactus@touchquote.com

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