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On top of having expertise in database management, Windows platforms administration, and software applications, WTS Paradigm® prides itself on being able to deliver the highest quality customer support through the relationships we build with our clients. Our philosophy has always been to know our customers. This philosophy has not changed over the years as WTS Paradigm® has continued to grow. We know our customer’s by name, not by ticket number.

Customer service is part of every single employee’s day to day job and you will always be able to find supportive employees when you need help the most. If we don’t know the answer to a question at that moment, we will find someone who does.

CatchAll is our issue tracking system that is offered free to all customers. WTS Paradigm® offers tools to not only help you when you’ve come across an issue, but also to be proactive in learning all the features of the application. CatchAll also houses a knowledge base and forums section that is available for customers to peruse 24/7. Customers can participate in the forums to offer enhancements to the program and share knowledge as they see fit.

Another service that is extended to customers is the opportunity to attend Education Sessions on a monthly basis. These free webinars are broadcast to clients and cover topics such as building and supporting your application as well as going over some of the recently released enhancements to the software.

With all of these attributes, WTS Paradigm® has shown that they are not only the leader in the fenestration software industry, but also the leader in customer service as well.