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WTS Paradigm


WTS Paradigm® Window & Door Software Overview DealerPoint DesignPoint CustomProcess MasterPoint TrackPoint CenterPoint

Product Overview

WTS Paradigm's Modules:

CenterPoint | Custom Process | MasterPoint | Dashboard
TrackPoint | DesignPoint | DealerPoint

WTS Paradigm® has developed the most advanced window and door manufacturing software in the industry to assist you with quoting and order entry through production and inventory management. Using the same manufacturing data, WTS Paradigm® offers Web-based solutions to reach out to the architectural community. Additionally, WTS Paradigm® has developed a dealer selling package for business management and unified quoting for resellers.

WTS Paradigm® delivers product configuration solutions designed specifically for window and door manufacturers.

Stock and Custom Solutions Include:

  • Aluminum, Wood, and Vinyl Windows
  • Complex Wood Windows
  • Insulated Glass/Glass Fabrication
  • Stained Glass Units
  • Fiberglass and Wood Doors
  • Stile and Rail Doors
  • Entry Doors
  • Garage Doors
  • Wrought Iron Systems
  • Sun Rooms
  • Commercial Window/Curtain Wall