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WTS Paradigm® provides a full suite of applications to bring together all portions of your manufacturing and dealer-reseller business into a seamless framework.

Using the power of a single, consistent product knowledge structure, WTS Paradigm® software can be used throughout the sales channel. When an architect specs a product online, a reseller gets a quote, or a job is sent to the shop floor for manufacturing, our products leverage a single source of data. This allows our customers to easily manage all facets of their operation, while benefiting from the synergy of using the interconnected WTS Paradigm® applications.

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"WTS CenterPoint module has allowed Eagle to enhance our ordering automation allowing us to continually push the limits on innovation."
Dave Beeken
Eagle Window and Door

WTS Paradigm® stands behind our window and door manufacturing software
with a complete menu of client services

Project Management

Enhancing business software is a significant endeavor and without excellent project management, there is an increased risk of failure. WTS Paradigm® has proven tools, people and structure in place to ensure that projects stay on track and meet business needs and goals. Our processes ensure timely installs with high levels of quality and end user satisfaction.


From field-based quoting and order entry to production scheduling and inventory management, our products work together to help you streamline your business, no matter how small or large.

Regardless of which bundle of software you choose, WTS Paradigm® will integrate with your existing ERP/accounting system or help you determine which of the many off-the-shelf alternatives would best fit your organization.


On top of having expertise in database management, Windows platforms administration, and software applications, WTS Paradigm® prides itself on being able to deliver the highest quality customer support through the relationships we build with our clients. Our philosophy has always been to know our customers. This philosophy has not changed over the years as WTS Paradigm® has continued to grow. We know our customers by name, not by ticket number.

Industry Knowledge

When deciding to make a long-term software investment decision, you want to make sure you can trust the people you work with and who understand your business needs. The partners of WTS Paradigm® have a combination of over 30 years of fenestration knowledge in manufacturing, engineering, sales and fenestration software. They know the details of your business, as well as the different software needs of the industry.

Window & Door Dealers Alliance Door & Window Manufacturer Magazine National Glass Association WTS Paradigm® is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner