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WTS Paradigm


Client Services

WTS Paradigm® Software Implementation Process

WTS Paradigm® delivers on not only the best configurator software for the window and door industry but also on professional installation and service. We know that purchasing software is a major investment for any company and that you want the assurance that our software will be installed on time and on budget. A major tenet of our philosophy is to start with thorough analysis to make sure planning and expectations are sound. We have the experience and the ability to tailor implementations based on your staff’s availability and knowledge and any organizational needs or requirements you may have. At the end of the planning and analysis phase, we provide documents to clearly define scope, timelines and cost.

Project Management

Enhancing business software is a significant endeavor and without excellent project management, there is an increased risk of failure. WTS Paradigm® has proven tools, people and structure in place to ensure that projects stay on track and meet business needs and goals. Our processes ensure timely installs with high levels of quality and end user satisfaction. Some clients simply do not have the resources to provide a project manager. In that case, WTS Paradigm® has senior level Project Managers whose services can be used by the client to ensure the project stays on track. WTS Paradigm® also assigns a Project Coordinator to the project to manage the overall project communication and progress. This responsibility includes producing monthly executive summaries and having monthly calls with customer executives to discuss progress, updates, and any escalations.

Project Management
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