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WTS Paradigm


Middleton Office

Company Background

We're a Midwest-based company that quickly grew to become the leader in fenestration software due to our core values and hard work. WTS Paradigm® understands that software is a partnership – that’s why our company ranks as one of the most respected in the marketplace. Our strategy is simple: we are committed to your success.

Why Choose WTS Paradigm® for Your Software Solution?


We are committed to research and development so your investment is protected. This dedication sets us apart from our competition.


Our operations team ensures standard processes are followed on every project which brings increased value to you.

Customer Service

We provide high quality 24/7 support with:

  • Project managers and analysts during installation
  • Technical support team during post installation
  • Professional documentation materials
  • Classroom and on-site training

Quality of Our Products

Quality is embedded in our culture at WTS Paradigm®. Every deliverable goes through multiple steps of quality assurance. We have also developed internal software tools to ensure that every deliverable is of the best and highest quality.

Strong/Privately Held

WTS Paradigm® is a strong and stable, privately held company that runs on integrity and accountability. Our experience shows that having the best product is not enough; you also need the right people to support you. WTS Paradigm® finds and retains the best staff in the IT and fenestration industry. Being a privately held company allows us to focus on long-term goals rather than short-term profits. In addition, our owners are involved in every aspect of the company.